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Visual Pulsar Basic (VPBasic) is an impressive new BASIC interpreter and compiler that operates under the Windows environment. It allows you to create EXEs that don't require Run-Time, all from an accessible interface that is similar to a word processor. You can visually design forms and controls and use new and advanced communication functions for the Internet, email, and security.

Another standout feature is web browsing from a built-in browser. That's added to CGI program creation for dynamic websites, support for Pulsar 3.0 databases, and DLL interpretation to run VPBasic from its own language.

Running protected code allows you to keep your VPB sources secure. The distribution packet includes more than 70 operable and annotated program sources - a complete online manual in the format of Windows help.

If you want to use this program, you'll first need to download the Unpack Utility. After that, you'll need to download another file that is separated into six parts on the program's official website. Here are the links:







If you don't want to deal with all that, access our private download and obtain the executable without any problems or extra steps.
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